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LeCroy Read Waveform Measurement for P10-P12



I'm interfacing LabVIEW with a DDA735Zi and I'm having issues using the Wave Series library VI "Read Waveform Measurement (Px Statistics)" for measurement channels above P9. 


P10-P12 have the same "app.Measure.Px.Out.Result.StatusDescription"  and "app.Measure.Px.View" command structure as the other measurement channels, but I get an a parsing error when I try to read them (after I had to modify the enumerated control on the front panel to expand the channel options past P8...).


Is there a version of the VI that supports all the measurement channels on the DDA?




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If there are canned drivers that support all 12 measurements for the DDA, it would be great to have them, but considering the urgency, I'll write them myself in the meantime.

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