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Lavbiew Save Error code 3:FP heap



I'm not sure that it has anything to do with having both versions on your machine, but the reason I asked is because those are of the couple of common features in the previous issues we've seen with this in 2011.  As I mentioned, this is being handled in the Corrective Action Request that was filed.  If I hear anything new, I'll pass it along, but hopefully you won't continue to see this problem now that you've recovered that project.

Austin S.

National Instruments
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Thank you very much!



Maybe you can help out by making the drivers of the 4351 temperature card work with Labview 2011 and windows 7?

Of course i will read the correct thread also but just to share the issue.

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Seeing this error message in LV 2011. File is corrupt and have to restore from backup.

No DAQmx involved.

Thanks, Louis 

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Hey Louis, 


Did you try going through all of the steps Austin described earlier in the thread? 


Did you narrow down a function that was corrupt? 

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I'm seeing this error message, too (LabVIEW 2011)

I have an action that will reproducibly cause this error in one of my projects. I'll see if I can isolate it.


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here's a repro:


With LabVIEW 2011 I created a new run-time context menu for a graph object (see attached file).


Whenever I attach this to a graph OVER A DIRECT NETWORK URL (starting with a double backslash: \\DOMAIN\SERVER\SHARE\graph.rtm), I get the elusive error 3 which then completely screws the VI. If I do this over a mounted network path (with a drive letter: Z:\SHARE\graph.rtm) it does not happen.


Here are the steps to reproducing it:


- create a new VI

- add an XY graph control (I used the silver themed one)

- right click on it: Advanced => Run-Time Shortcut Menu => Edit

- in the Shortcut Menu Editor, Open the attached rtm from a networked location

- close the Shortcut Menu Editor and confirm the question with YES (change run-time menu to graph.rtm)

- save the new VI

=> Error 3: FP heap.


hope that the time that I sunk into this will help NI will come around with a fast bugfix.





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Moved project to Windows 7 / LabVIEW 2011 installation and no crashes today!?

Mostly I am just developing simple LV code with graphics - it is a frustrating bug - please fix as soon as possible.


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Just to make sure someone reads this: I've posted a case where that error is 100% reproducible, two posts up.


If someone can confirm this, maybe an application engineer will forward this to the devs?





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Hey Zeed, I was able to reproduce this error with both a silver and regular xy graph. I did find that I could save the file normally to the same folder the .rtm file is located on the network, or save it to my local machine by pressing save all. Those might be viable workarounds for you. The issue is addressed in CAR# 336653. 

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Has anyone found a cause or solution for this problem yet?  I have been working on a program for 4 years and never had this problem until Monday.  I was running LV 2010, and it saved fine Friday but Monday it wouldn't save properly anymore.  My program has lots of controls, indicators, and TypeDefs arranged mostly on 3 levels of Tab Controls.  It also has an Event structure with 22 events (just in case any of this is contributing to the problem.)  All of my Sub-VI's save very quickly, but my top level VI has been taking a couple of minutes to save for a while now.  I thought it was just because of all the I/O.  When the save error occurred, I was moving some indicators off of a tab control, and LabView did an auto save in the middle of the move.  After that it wouldn't save any more.  Even the restored file won't save (which indicates that the auto save during the move is not actually the problem.)  I tried to "save all" but that didn't work either.  I happened to have LV 2011 SP1 sitting on my desk, so I installed that to see if it would help.  I get the same problem.  I really don't look forward to rebuilding this VI. 

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