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Lavbiew: Cannot load block diagram.

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After a crash and recovery I get the above message. I can not save my main VI. Any idea how to recover from this. 

LabView 2009 Windows XP Pro.

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Your VI is probably corrupted. You will need to load from your most recent backup.
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Hi jmde


smercurio is most probably right, one last thing you could try is to open a new blank VI and dragdrop your main VI unto its blockdiagram and try to open/resave it as a subVI of the new VI. The odds are against it working, but it can't hurt to try.


Best Regards




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ok, starting over.  Another week down the drain.


Not a programmer (though I play one at work)

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jmde wrote:

ok, starting over.  Another week down the drain.


Not a programmer (though I play one at work)

Well, consider this a lesson on having a good backup system. Smiley Wink

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I have had this issue too with a vi that LabVIEW had automatically recovered after a crash. I couldn't save the recovered file and found that copying and pasting the block diagram doesn't quite work as only parts of the copied code are pasted into the new blank vi.


BUT ...

I found that it was all of the True/False cases were the items that were causing problems. So I copied and pasted sections of the block diagram at a time and only had to recreate the T/F cases.


I'm still not sure what caused the crash in the first place. I had right clicked on a control to change it's properties and everything froze then LabVIEW crashed.

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I found several problems that could be causing this in my case.  The ____ programmer that proceeded me on this project had two controls on the front panel with the same name.  He also had several other controls and displays that were never named.  I don't mean the default string, Boolean, etc. just nothing in the name or display.   I bet this is what is causing the problem in my case.
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I found that removing the DAQ Express VIs from my code enable me to save my recovered VI. I had to recreate them afterwards, but was stil a lot faster than rebuilding a complex VI.

This way I could keep the recent changes that I wanted to recover in the first place. I don't know whether other Express VIs will have the same effect.

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Proper source code control means you lose at most one days worth of work, but usually it is much less than that.  Don't get me wrong corrupted files suck, but it can happen with any file type for a large number of reasons, and mitigating that risk with other tools is part of the development process.


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Not to resurrect a dead thread but I found a trick that helped me and want to pass it on to anyone who has the same problem (and poor source control)


As Stubon mentioned, trying to copy and paste the block diagram contents to another VI left big gaps in mine as well. It basically was the largest structure containing the offending code (in my case a sequence frame but I am guessing this may be similar for any structure), so I copied its contents and pasted. Again some of the code copied but there was a for loop that did not. coping its contents to a new VI revealed a single item that did not copy. In my case an express elapsed time VI. This failure has happened to me twice where the culprits were two different express VIs and WVisser also mentioned an express VI causing the issue for him. Seems to be a common thread.


anyway the basic steps to hunt for the error (for me anyway) are

1) select all in the block diagram and copy

2) paste into a blank vi. 

3) look for holes (a missing structure of some kind or a single VI). Once identified you can close this new temporary vi without saving.

4) on the original vi, select the contents of the structure that didn't copy (if it is a structure with multiple cases/frames/etc. you will need to do each cases contents individually) and copy them

5) iteratively repeat steps 2-4 until you find a single item that doesn't copy.

6) replace the offending item on the original broken VI and then you should be able to save.


If you use this method and find the offender, maybe reply to this thread with what the offender was. Maybe this can help NI can fix the issue.

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