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Labview touch panel 2010 with ARM9 Board mini2440 S3C2440 + 7" TFT Touch Screen LCD

Hi Icaro600,


Looks like this is a known issue in LabVIEW Touch Panel 2010.  The Corrective Action Request (CAR) number is 247805, so you can look for fixed bugs in future versions to confirm when this has been resolved.  For now, you'll have to avoid Find  Sounds like you were able to find the VISA resource names on your own, but if you have any trouble getting your project running without using Find Resources, let us know.


Morgan S

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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Thanks alot for your help and comments MorganS


best regards


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HI  i am using the labview 2011 i have tried simple addition program its working fine in mini2440. can you refer some example program for com serial port program in mini2440




Thanks in advance


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Dear All,
I want to create a Windows Mobile 6 Device application in Lab View.
I want to insert a dll which is created in VC++  to the Lab View and i want
to use those functions in Labview.
the Dll file contains the function "Multiply".
when i run the command i got the following Error
"Multiply is a missing VI or C file"
i attached the Snapshot of Error,.

Please help me.
Thank you.
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