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Labview serial communication with RS 232


 i am currently working with RS232.My device is working properly but i couldn't able to use because it is showing the following error in my NI MAX and here by i have attached the error page also


Thank you

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Make sure you have installed necessary software for the device to get detected in the system.

Palanivel Thiruvenkadam,
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Install NI-VISA driver if it is not done yet. Could you show what you see under the "Software" entry in MAX (open it)? If VISA is missing, you should install it.


Edit: Your RS232 port a native one in your PC, or you use a RS232-USB adapter? If so, you need to install its device driver also. Be aware that some USB-RS232 do not play nice due to low quality chipset, but usually an FTDI one is a good choice...

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ok i will check it out

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yes, i am using RS-232 to USB converter but this driver software is working fine, i don,t have an issue. i am facing problem NI VISA software only

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Try a repear-install of the NI VISA...

This poster might had similar problem as you:

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Thank you after reinstalling the driver its working fine

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Then mark the advice as solution 😉
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