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Labview search string excel and retrieve data from adjacent cells

I will have an excel sheet with four columns of data, for this we can say A, B, C, D. Column A will contain serial numbers. I need to search for a serial number in column A, and then output the strings from columns C & D in the same row. I understand how to search for a cell containg a string, but not how to then output the data from the other cells in the same row...


Any help greatly appreciated.

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There are many ways to do this.  Here is one:

  • Read the data from the Excel Workbook into a N-row by 4-column array.  If the columns are different data types (i.e. A is a string, B is Boolean, C and D are floats), then you may want to instead create a cluster with elements A, B, C, and D and process the Excel data into an Array of Clusters.
  • Now that all of the data are available to LabVIEW, write your Search to get the appropriate Row number, then simply retrieve the C, D column data from the LabVIEW 2D array of cells or 1D array of row clusters.

Bob Schor

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