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Labview libtiff implementation

Hi Nico,


Thank you. ....But I could not open it. 

It says that the file versin is newer (10.0) than mine (8.5.1 or 8.6). 


Could you save them for previous versions?


Thank very much in advance. 

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...mmm, I checked and it seems that I used several sub VIs that are LV10 only, therefore the LLB can't be easily converted.

I am now attaching a ZIP of all the relevant VIs: I converted them to version 8.5, therefore you should be able to open them. However, some of the exemples won't compile because I used LV10 sub VIs.

You should anyway be able to have an idea about how the implementation works, figure out what is missing, then you can modify my VIs according to your needs!


Have fun!



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I must say, This is excellent work and I can see myself using these vi's to work with multipage tif files a lot.  I am going to be using Tags heavily also, so I'll be watching for vi's that handle this.  I may also dig into it a bit myself.  Many Kudos.


Ben Yeske
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I tryed for a day to implemend the VIs you created to open a U16 stackTIFF file. But unfortunately I always get some mistakes. Normally LabView is searching for some VIs or for the Libtiff3.dll. I tryed with my normal one but it did not worked.


Can you may be for me and all the others users being no Labview Professionals explain a little more in detail which VIs are needed and which has to be used and what things has to be installed, ... More or less a HOW to use Libtiff3



Thank you very much in advance...

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my VIs require the LabVIEW Vision Development module (see here). Additionally, you need to have libtiff installed: this comes for free from

To configure my VIs, you need to configure the "Call library function" node (see here). Usually, you would right-click on the "Call library function" node and configure it by telling where is libtiff3.dll on your hard drive.


Once you have everything set up, you can have a look at the examples that are included in my VIs to get an idea about how they work.


Hope this helps!



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it helped !!! Smiley Happy now it is working.


Thanks a lot. Best regards


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I will (sooner or later!) release another "version" of these VIs: let me know if there are features you would like to be added/changed.


have fun!



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Hi Nico,

You did a great job with this VIs. I tried to implement a VI that adds custom tags but it seems a bit tricky. Did you do any progress on that?



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Hi Oscar,


I still did not manage to include custom tags in the VIs: they are a bit tricky... I will post some new code when I reach a minimum of realiability!





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I can write a Grayscale (U8) multipage tiff with using but when I select Grayscale(U16) the resulting file cannot be opened in windows (Win XP with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer).  I get "Drawing failed" error message.  I have tried using in place of the libtiff2 version but get the same result.  Any ideas?




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