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Labview is crashing when vi's open

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About a week ago, I was creating a exe file, and some installation files. Labview crashed during the process. Since then I have several vi's (That were involved in making that exe file) crash upon opening them. They crash during the opening, not running. I never get far enough to run the file.

I'm on Windows 7

The same errors occur on all of the following versions of labview (16 32 bit sp1, 18 32 bit sp1, and 18 64 bit).


The error I get is: Access violation (0xC00000005) ... You can see a screen shot in the word file in the attached zip file.


I just had something new happen. I got essentially the same error upon closing a project file. That error was:

Exception: Unknown (0x00000000) at EIP=0x014325C2, Version: 18.0f2 (32-bit)

Let me know what additional information is needed. This was my attempt to have everything needed.

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Hopefully you have a backup copy in version control from before you tried to make the exe.

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Mass compile

"If you weren't supposed to push it, it wouldn't be a button."
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The 18.1 version of LV fixed some access violations.


As to the bad VI, go with a back-up from before the crash (as mentioned above).



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Accepted by Ben

I have made progress but figuring out how to do so took me a while. My chief problem was that the VI was crashing before it was even opening leaving me no way to figure out where the problem was. This was true even when I used a backup set of files. I'm not sure why though.

I decided I needed to slow the loading down so that I could isolate the problem. I created a new directory and copied the top level VI into that directory. When it came time to load subvi's it did not know where the destination was. That allowed me to load individual vi's and isolate each one. Ultimately I found that there was one sub-vi that was hanging things up. When that sub-vi there was one sub-vi link within that which it could not find. I was able to point to the right flle and open it up. Upon saving those two files, all of the files are opening without crashing now. 
I thought I'd post this solution should it assist someone else later. 

Thanks for all of the replies. The did spark the thought to try this approach. 

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