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Labview interface for Xbee

Hi guys, I know simliar questions have been ask, but basically I am looking for a rather simple answer.


We have a product that releases air from a tire wirelessly, and want to use Xbee to transmit the signal to actuate the solenoid. Basically, can Xbee easily interface with LabView? We want to create a LabView HMI to monitor tire pressure as well, and would like to know if we need a perpheral microcontroller or some other step is needed to make a USB connected Xbee receiver interface with LabView.


Thank you.

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Hello Molson


Here are some useful documents that can help you interface LabVIEW with Arduino.


LabVIEW Interface for Arduino FAQ


NI LabVIEW Interface for Arduino Toolkit


LabVIEW Interface for Arduino using Xbee Module



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