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Labview freezes during installation

I have an enduser that I am setting up a repurprosed computer.  The computer was originally used by a summer marketing intern so there was never any NI software.  I was setting it up, and installed 8.6 by accident as the engineer then instructed me he preferred 2010 sp1.  I ran uninstall from the CLI as the GUI didnt have a way I found to uninstall it completely with one swoop.


Yesterday it froze during the drivers disc, but now, I redid it after the uninstall and now it froze on the disc two - product 14 of 16: Currently installing Compilation Tools for Virtex-II FPGA Devices.  It has been sititng like this for the past hour. 


The end user does have Xilinx Webpack previously installed, v.14. 

Office 2007.

Lotus Notes 8.5.3


Windows 7 x64


I am using the Labview 2010 SP1 Platform DVD set


Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Thanks and regards

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Just noticed my computer posted this twice, not sure how to delete the post, but we'll use this one.

I tried cancelling the install, and it just said waiting for the one thats frozen to cancel itself, which it didn't after sitting there again for about a long time, I forced it to cancel, then it sat at activating for a long time as well.


Not sure whats going on.

Is there a tool that does a full uinstall of everything so I can retry again to see if I can get it to work?  I really need to deploy this machine out, ideally by end of business today, if not, no later by end of the week, as a worst case scenario.  He primarily uses LV so of all the apps not working, this is the one that needs to work.

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If you are installing the developer suite, this is a known issue that occurs infrequently. The workaround for this is to restart the computer and install only LabVIEW instead of the entire Developer Suite and then install the rest of the products one at a time. Also, during installation create an error log to post in the event of future installation errors.  I attached a Knowledge Base article that instructs on how to do this.



Creating an Error Log File for a Software Installation:



Isaac S.


Isaac S.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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