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Labview for ipod itouch & iphone !!!


I do not know if this has been mentioned before. But I think we will see much more of "pads" in the future. Like this one

It will be running Windows 7. So no Labview problems. It was first planed to run windows CE. But that was dumped du to problems with GUI. It will also cost less the IPAD.  

Besides which, my opinion is that Express VIs Carthage must be destroyed deleted
(Sorry no Labview "brag list" so far)
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For everyone interested in viewing measurements on mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, check out the new group on the NI Community called "Smartphone, Tablets, and Mobile Devices" at


We've included some example programs for building native iPhone and Android applications that plot data from LabVIEW using web services.


Also, don't forget to leave your feedback for features and product ideas in the Smartphone Idea Exchange.




Chris Delvizis
National Instruments
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Does me no good at all; can't use WebServices since my network of legacy devices outputs RS232 exclusively, there is no on-site PC to host, so what I need is LV to run native on iOS4. Since that will probably never happen, we will have to transition away from LV and just write native Objective C apps to control our devices.

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What a silly post.



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I must be missing something here. You keep saying that the network of legacy devices run RS232! how will you connect to the iphone? The iphone exclusively uses blue tooth or wifi. Not RS232. Wouldn't you need a PC translating RS232 to WiFi anyways?


And either way for now it looks as though you will need to get a MAC and to learn objective C. I built a hackintosh and have already started to learn objective C for this exact reason. I will still be talking TCP or UDP to a PC runing a labview app. But the iphone will need custom code.



Replying to a previous post. I have an iPhone and have never made a call with it. I like verizons phone service better. Plus i thought if i was going to learn XCODE iphone programming i might as well have an iphone to try the apps on.



I wonder how hard it would be to get the labview runtimes working on android. It is linux after all.

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pRoFiT wrote: 


I wonder how hard it would be to get the labview runtimes working on android. It is linux after all.

Well it is Linux in the kernel but the user interface is more or less exclusively in the Dalvik VM. So it wouldn't be a trivial port of the existing Linux version at all. LabVIEW for Linux uses XWindows as UI interface library with some MESA/OpenGL for the 3D style widgets with alpha shading.



LabVIEW for Android would either need to be translated all to Java to create a native app that can run in the Dalvik VM or it would need to create some sort of hybrid application with the low level part being all compiled through the NDK from C into a shared library and all the UI stuff being done in a native Dalvik Java based app.


Anything else would require to root the Android device and still be a lot of a hassle as Google very effectively left out quite a few things from a normal Linux installation.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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There are lots of module that can be connected to and RS232 port on a device to convert to Wifi,blue tooth ANT. Some wifi ones even include a web app which you program to output your data etc. So with one of these  modules, any Rs232 device could be controled/read  via Bluetooth or Wifi on a smart phone.. Already done by some instrument vendors.

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hi do you know if this apps works with ios 4.1 for ipod touch 4th gen?

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Anyone having trouble with this?  I purchased the VIremote for my ipad and cannot get it to connect.  It lets me enter the IP address and port number only.  everything else is greyed in.  When I press connect, it thinks for a while and then a box comes up and asked to try to connect again.


Any ideas?



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As this is a third party app, I don't have any specific information as it pertains to this program.


However, it does seem like the app may be connecting to a remote front panel.  If this is the case, a common problem is that your machine access is not properly configured.  Please refer to the following documentation to configure your

machine access, if this is the problem.



Drew T.
Camber Ridge, LLC.
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