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Labview for ipod itouch & iphone !!!

Hi all,


I have been working with this app for a day and it is working very well so far. It is much more and better than all remote desktop apps I have tried.

BUT there is a small issue that prevents me for using it in my project. I realized that it isn't possible to control a VI which is loaded in a subpanel, I can just control the parent VI.

Hopefully this will get fixed soon nevertheless it is sufficient for 90% of all LV projects.

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This is really late reply , but you do not have to have a pc to translate to BT or WIFI. Modules are availble for that, some with RS232 levels and/or ttl/3.3v logic levels. May take some extra wiring for you device, but I have done it on a motor control system.

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sorry I had already posted the module info, but I will leave it to be more visible, if ok with the forum admin.

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Labview would still be very useful to create and run applications locally on your phone that you do not necessarily want to distribute

to the masses via the App Store. It would be appreciated if NI can provide ability for us to create Labview apps for the iphone for local use only and

by the programmer, and not for general purpose mass commercial distribution on the AppStore.




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Can someone tell me if VIremote will work on a RT target?
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I have never testet VIremote on my RT but it should work too because it just uses a normal tcp ip connection.


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only if the Grab Image function works on RT... VIremote uses it.

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I try and viremote don't work with RT (at lease, with the option I want to use ex: Toolbar)

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any future developments for android  platform ? 

@Jarrod_S. wrote:
One unfortunate issue with the iPhone is that Apple will not allow applications that can execute interpreted code. The LabVIEW run-time engine is exactly such an application. It can load and execute arbitrary VIs selected at run-time. Apple does not support this type of execution environment, because they want strict control over what runs on their hardware. LabVIEW as a programming language is therefore not very suitable for Apple's cool but locked-down iPhone application environment.


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