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Labview for Nicolet FT-IR

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Hi there!


I am trying to interface my Nicolet FT-IR with labview.  I have the Macros for Omnic.  I really just want to be able to start taking a spectrum, view the spectrum, and save the spectrum to start with the labview program.  Does anyone have any advice on how to start this?

While I am familiar with labview to a certain extent, I am unfamiliar with the DDE and ActiveX that I have seen mentioned for use with Omnic, any help on getting started would be very appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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I found some information that might give you a starting point for what you're trying to do!

This article discusses LabVIEW DDE with the Nicolet FTIR that you're trying to use.


Post #8 by Christopher Edwards has some attached VI's that show how to manipulate a few parameters of the spectrometer, specifically "set bench parameters, acquisition parameters and display parameters, trigger the spectrometer to acquire data, write out the data as CSV, and then read in the data to LabView".


Although it is a bit dated, it may give you a better idea on where to start. 

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! I think that'll be a decent starting place!

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