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Labview .exe with DAQ cards. NI9189 and NI9263 (generate tension on 2 way)

Hello, I was looking at how to make an executable on different web pages and saw how to do it.

However, I see that many are having problems with conducting DAQ communication.
In my current project, I have a connection area via Modbus to read in a PLC, and I have a voltage generation area thanks to the DAQ module and sent by an NI9263 card.
It seems that when creating the 'executable and the installer, a problem may be encountered when switching to the DAQ Assistant module and that no work will be done, therefore no voltage to generate on my NI9263 board.

What should be done to remedy this?
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do you receiving any error or pop up window?

Additionally, make sure that all VIs and subVIs are included in the always included window except for the main VI

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@Hamlet23 wrote:

Additionally, make sure that…

…you don't use the (dreaded) DAQAssistent ExpressVI when you want to create an executable from your VI!

Best regards,

using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2020 sometimes) on Win10+cRIO
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I am actually didn't get what you say. Could you please explain?

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