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Labview control stepper motor with raspberry pi 4

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Thank you for your help. I will look at your links again. If you have any other advice, you can let me know.

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Hello Sefanoulis,


I use a tb6600 as micro step driver plus nema42 motor.

I succeded to make mine turn with this small routine. Sorry for the code it is not clean at all but at least it make the motor rotate 🙂

I wanted to generate steps with more accuracy but not all the linx libraries are available for raspberry pi 4 😞

It is a first shot, I will try to do better.






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Thank you very much. I will try the vi you have thrown. I will feedback you again if I can run it.

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jawsjaws, thanks to you for the first time I have been able to start the engine. Thank you very much for that. So how can I add the start and stop buttons to this program? I want to control it from the front panel.


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There is no front panel for raspberry application (only on debug mode).

This is just because the event structure is disabled for raspberry pi.

This also the reason why your initial code will never run on raspberry.

I suggest you to use a webVI if you want to control your motor via a web page which will handle events buttons and so on.

for example see 




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