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Labview control Agilent E5071c VNA, need more examples or how to use E5071C VI



Thanks for your patience to read this post.

I'm working in a RF cable manufacturer, we have LabVIEW 2017 and Agilent VNA E5071C

I want use LabVIEW 2017 to control Agilent VNA E5071C for RF cable measurement

Already use GPIB connect LabVIEW 2017 and Agilent VNA E5071C , it works

And try to "adjust" a VI which include some Agilent VNA E5071C  VI, see details in "Agilent ENA Series Application version6'

want get marker data value, for example S11 value at 200MHz

(you have to first set start/stop frequency and frequency unit in this VI)

but every time i run this VI "Agilent ENA Series Application version6', always get the maker value as start frequency value.

for example, if i set start/stop frequency 100MHz/6000MHz, always get maker value  in 100MHz


so my questions are, can i get more examples or how to use E5071C VI? or someone who has this experience can teach me how to use E5071C VI.

just start to learn LabVIEW, thanks a lot.

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Sorry, seems forget attachedment. here they are

Download All
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Here is the Driver page. Download the drivers and you should have example that you can set up. Look in the LabVIEW examples to see how to use these drivers:



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Hi Tim

Thanks for response.

as i have showed before, there is limited E 5071C VI example to teach me how to use it.

attached capture you can find there are only 12 E 5071C VI examples


I know there are many E5071C VI. just want to know if there is any material or examples to shows me how to us it. For example, i want get attenuation data @ 200MHz, how to use these VI



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Hello, have you found any examples? I have also taken over the relevant tasks. I've been looking for a long time. If you have any, can you share it?


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I see this so often here and I don't understand how anyone can expect to automate a process they can not perform manually. Because frankly when I am automating a task, I use the same basic sequence in my program that I would be doing if I were running it manually. 



Also, how will you know if your program is returning correct results if you don't know how check them?

Unfortunately, most readers of this Forum, including some real Experts, have not mastered the skill of being able to read the code that Posters fail to post. If we cannot see "what you did wrong", we are unable to tell you how to fix it. (Bob Schor 28 August 2018)
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