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Labview closing intermediate windows and verifying if library exists


I have 2 questions.

1)I have an application file.First  I see my main window and then I can press a button and 

another window opens.After the second window finishes the extenuation I can still it .Can I pragmatically define that every intermediate will be closed 

after execution?


2)Is there any function in Labview that checks if a certain library exists in my computer?

I couldn't find such function.



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Hi Leonid,


1. If the intermediate windows you are referring to are subVIs called by your main VI then you can programmatically get the front panels of the subVIs to close by writing a true constant to the Close After Call VI Property node.


2. I am not aware of a single function that checks to see if a library exists, but here is a link to some documentation about how LabVIEW searches for a library when it is called:


 The first related link at the bottom of this article (LabVIEW 2011 Help: Specifying the Locations of Shared Libraries on Disk) includes a section about how LabVIEW locates missing shared libraries.  You might be able to use part of this process to find a particular library.

Jayme W.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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