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Labview and opc


Hi, currently im using labview to communicate with an OPC server over a network. So i wrote my program a few months ago now. And im still having issues with communication to the remote opc server. The last few weeks i thought id cracked it, but it seems to be losing comms again, not sure if its to do with dcom settings or network settings. It seems to be intermittent, not sure what it could be??



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Hi Stuart,


A few more details might help other troubleshooters. 


Which OPC server are you using? 


When experiencing a communication drop, when do you notice? 


Are you having to restart the server to re initiate communication with LabVIEW?


Is the server running on another PC on the LAN, or is it remote?

Patrick Allen:
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Hi, im using a thermo scientific mass spec OPC server, I notice comms drop when the labview program freezes. I have to restart the PC with the OPC server on it. I connect to it via a company network with a manageable switch. To get any comms i have to login as the same user to the company network e.g. both server PC and client PC have to be logged in as "user1".


I also have to manually configure the dcom settings. Plus any windows update break comms between client and server. The client i use is written in Labview using datasockets. Resetting both client and server pc's seem to bring life back to comms. 



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Hi Stuart,


I have researched your issue and have found a number of documents which I think could be of use. I have linked these document below.


Good example to use, to communicate with a remote opc server?


Connecting LabVIEW to an OPC Server through a DataSocket Connection


DataSocket Tutorial


I hope one of these helps.


Best Regards,


Christian Hartshorne

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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