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Labview VI using modbus tcp/ip connected to a data acquisition module adam 6017

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I would like to ask why do I have Error 59 on my program. The data acquisition module is connected to my laptop when I used the adam utility software. However, when I tried to use labview, error 59 occurs and no readings are collected. Where did I make a mistake? 


Help is greatly appreciated, thank you!


2019-11-12 (2).png is an image of my block diagram.

2019-11-12 (3).png is an image of my front panel.

2019-11-12 (4).PNG is an image showing the data acquisition is connected to by laptop via a ethernet cable.

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Accepted by topic author ace2light

Error 59 is that the network is down.


Your one picture with the working programming shows you are communicating with a device at

Your picture with the non-working VI shows an IP address of


Do you think that might the cause of your problem?

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thank you for your help, greatly appreciated! yeah, it is because of my ip address. 

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