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Labview Teststand API

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Hi all,

I'm a teststand and labview newbee and I try to drive a LV code vai TS sequence.
My example is very simple, a while(1) loop which read the value of a StationGlobal variable.
In the sequence I run a main sequence and a secondary sequence (in separate thread) for update the StationGlobal variable value and start the VI.
Well, seems that the sequence working well but on LV GUI the value doesn't change.
I check the TS sequence context reference a seems ok and It's also present as input in VI
Where is my mistake?
I've also two other problem of minority importance.
I've set the in TS the option "show VI front panel" but I'm not able to open the VI.
The second is that after the sequence stop, the VI is locked and I can not edit it, I must close TS to do that



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Solved the problem was in StationGlobals.stop variable in TS sequence

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