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Labview RT, can't make the compiled RT application work.

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Good day,


I developped an application in Labview Real Time (PharLap on PXI). Under the development system all of the different pieces of the application works well for many hours. Next step is to build the RealTime Executable and deploy it to the PXI to obtain a standalone running application. After the restarting the PXI system is locked in a series of reboot. If I open NI Max I found the "Software Error" under the Status comment. I really can't understand what's appening since all works well if i open and run by the development system.


Any help or advice would be really appreciated.


Thank you,



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As a first blind guess, is it possible you're dynamically loading something and that isn't being included in your exe?


If so, check for the Always Include options or provide a static reference to whatever you're using on an included block diagram. 

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Thank you very much cbutcher. Yours was a good guess but this is not the case. 

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You might consider giving some more information.  Start with the version(s) of LabVIEW, Windows, PharLap, etc.  What PXI Controller are you using?    


Can you build a very small RT Project that you can deploy as an executable?


Bob Schor

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You are right Bob,


so let's make a summary:


- Windows 10

- Labview 2018

- PXIe-8840 quad-Core

- PharLap 13.1


I will try with a small project and let you know the news.



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I'm home and my PXI is at work.  I don't remember how PharLap numbering works, but do remember that you want the PharLap version to be compatible with the LabVIEW RT Version.  I worry when I see 2018 and 13.1 in the same platform ...


Bob Schor

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You made me a little worry too... Smiley Surprised


I try to uderstand this table:


and confronted it with my configuration:




but i can't really understand the numbering of PharLap. In the PXI system it's installed the version 13.1 or ETS 2018? The strange thing is that NI itself configure the PXI controller to be specifically compatible with Labview 2018.

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Good for you, finding the reference.  It looks like your Controller has PharLap for LabVIEW 8.5, while your LabVIEW code seems to be LabVIEW 2018 (and, I presume, LabVIEW Real-Time Module 2018, as well).  You'll want to use MAX to install PharLap ETS 2018 on your Controller (wiping out the previous configuration, so I'd recommend doing a block-for-block backup of the Controller first, or (safer) swapping a new Hard Drive in.


Bob Schor

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Accepted by topic author FM82

So, after talking with the NI Support by phone we found that the problem is the NI Visa 19.0. After the installing of the NI Visa 19.0 the apllication does'nt worked so I downgraded to 18.5 and than came back to 19.0 don't ask me why but after doing this all start to works. NI Support said that PharLap 13.1 and RealTime 2018 should be no concern.


Hope all my trouble helps someone else.


Thank you to all of you for the assistance

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