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Labview RT and Notifier uSec timeout

Is Labview RT going to support a uSec timeout feature for the Notifiers?
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Do you want a feature then suggest it here
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Currently, the timeouts for notifiers are specified in milliseconds.


I would suggest refering to the link that is posted above if this is a feature that you think should be added. Otherwise, the release notes for the next version of LabVIEW RT will include this if it is a new feature.


Logan H

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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I have not dug into the low levels of OSs and hardware lately but I suspect that technological limits will or are playing a part in this. I would not suprised if uSec timeout would actually consume most of a CPU just servicing the clock interupts (based on one instruction per clock cylce which I question adn 1000 instruction per interupt).


So this leads me to ask


"What cahllenge are you facing that makes a 1 uSec timeout something useful?"



Retired Senior Automation Systems Architect with Data Science Automation LabVIEW Champion Knight of NI and Prepper LinkedIn Profile YouTube Channel
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