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Labview PCI-8512 CAN Bus module. Do this PCI card transmit acknowledge pulses on the CAN Bus?

I am using the Labview PCI-8512 to transmit CAN messages. Does the PCI-8512 send an ACK Pulse for other devices on the CAN bus? Can this be set up in the XNET Session? I'm not sure if the PCI-8512 is setup in a listen only mode. In my XNET Session I have Intf.CAN.SingleShot = True. I am using Labview 2013.

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The PCI-8512 will by default acknowledge other devices on the bus. This can be disabled by setting the device in Listen-Only mode. Note in the NI PCI-8512 Product Page, under specifications. The Advanced Mode Support includes Listen-Only Mode.

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Thank you Bryan. That's all I need to know.

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