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Labview, NI Daq mx and harware help

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Dear all


Recently I buy the NI 9210 for temperature and NI cDAQ 9174  4slot chassi.


In my lab we have LB2013 and lower


NI USB 9162 chassi

NI 9237

NI 9233


With new equipement comes the new ni DAQ mx 19.0


My problem is if I install the new NI daq mx I think I will loose support for the old harware.

Can somebody help to find the compatibility table between hardware and drivers (NI daq)?


Seems I make wrong aquisition, I expected the new NI 9210 will work with NI usb 9162, but seems not...

At this moment I am working with NI 9210 and NI cDAQ 9174, but I need install the NI daq mx 19 in my desktop.


I will try connect in the NI cDAQ 9174 together with NI 9210 the old modules NI 9233 and NI 9237, but with NI daq mx 19 I think it will not support this old boards.


Best regards





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Here's the table linking DAQmx versions with LabVIEW versions: NI-DAQmx and LabVIEW Compatibility

To use DAQmx 19.0, you need LabVIEW 2019. 

The NI cDAQ 9174 needs at least 9.0.2 (9174 manual, page 6)

Readmes for specific DAQmx versions can be found from the download page: Download DAQmx and list specific hardware compatibility.


The 19.1 readme can be found here and lists a large number of tables by specific purpose (e.g. Analog Output, Digital Input, cDAQ chassis, etc).

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Hi cbutcher


Many thanks for the information.

And the NI 9210 what are the lower NI daq mx version?


Best regards


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9210 is supported by DAQmx 19.1 (see the previous link and search the page for 9210).

I'm not sure what the earliest version would be - it's at least supported by 17.0, but it isn't listed for 16.0

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Hi cbutcher


Seems the version 17.0 is compatible for all devices that we have!

Tomorrow I will test it in my desktop.


Many thanks



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Hi cbutcher


At this moment I am in a big problem.

Some days ago I install the NI daq mx 19 in my desktop ( I dont know what was installed before), with LB2013 and the board 9210 start working good.


Yesterday and not for loosing support in older boards, I downgrad to NI daq mx 17, but never more I found in labview the task manager (Daq assist).

Downgrade for NI DAq mx 16 and it appears again.


Reinstall 19 and the 9210 never more was detected.


So the better way is to upgrade LB2013, unfortunately the university only has license until that (I dont know why) 

Is any way to get a spicific driver from the DVDs drivers (Ni daq mx) for each board?


Once again many thanks





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I'm not exactly sure I've understood what you're saying, so let me make a few observations that are hopefully related to your issue (numbered in case you want to reference them in a reply):

  1. You can only install a single version of DAQmx on a given computer
  2. The ability to see the DAQmx VIs (including DAQ Assistant) in LabVIEW depends on installing "LabVIEW 201<x> Support for DAQmx" when you install the driver.

Some points regarding the latter issue are found in these links:

Upgrading or Downgrading LabVIEW with NI-DAQmx (probably a very useful thing to read to try and see possible problems with your situation)

Can’t Find NI-DAQmx Functions after LabVIEW or NI-DAQmx Install (summary of some possible issues)

Installation Order for Multiple NI Software Products (general description for installations. Worth a look but not specific to your problem)

DAQmx drivers installed but Labview claims they're missing (forum thread that discusses what may be your problem).


The summary of those threads is essentially that the DAQmx driver installer offers a checkbox to install support for detected versions of LabVIEW. If you don't install LabVIEW first (the specific version you want to use) then it can't be detected, so you do't get the checkbox.

Re-running the DAQmx installer will redetect installed versions of LabVIEW and quickly add support for your installation.


So, in summary:

  • Uninstall DAQmx if it isn't the version you want to use
  • Choose a version of LabVIEW you want to use - install it
  • Install the version of DAQmx you want. If you already had this installed and so didn't remove it in the first bullet point, then re-run the installer to make sure the checkbox regarding LabVIEW support (for the version you want to use) is checked.

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Hi cbutcher


Many thanks for the help.


1 - Some days ago I started working with Ni 9210, and for that  I use the DVD with NI daq mx 19.0 and install it over an older version and my code could read the temperatures from NI 9210. So was possible working with ni 9210, LAbView 2013 and NI daq mx 19 + other older version ???


2 - Now after installind and unisntalling many Daq mx versions it stopped connecting with board.


3 - Now with NI daq 19 and NI daq 16.01 I can have the daq assist, I can see the NI 9210, configure channels but after that it crashs.


4 - Is any way to install the spicific driver or dll from this NI9210 and adding it to the package of the NI daq mx 16?


Best regards



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I don't think you have both 19 and 16.0.1 DAQmx Drivers installed - see this KB article: Installing Multiple Versions of NI-DAQmx on the Same Machine (note, impossible)

You might be successfully using LabVIEW 2019 with DAQmx 16.0.1?

What do you mean by "it crashes"?

Regarding adding packages or installing specific drivers, no - the NI-9210 is a C-series module that supports use with cDAQ and cRIO chasses. If I recall correctly, you're using a cDAQ chassis, in which case you're good to go.

cRIO requires additionally installing DAQmx on the cRIO as well as the host computer (actually, probably just the cRIO, not the PC, but that would be miserably impossible to develop for...)

.As a result, there's no additional driver or way to install. If you think your installation is corrupted somehow, I'd suggest reinstalling DAQmx (first without uninstalling, much faster, then if that doesn't work, by uninstalling then installing again).

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With Labview 2019 and NI DAq mx 19 for sure there is no problem.

Unfortunatly The University seems to have license for LB2013 or lower.


If I know it I never buy the NI 9210, for thermocouples there should be another board....


Best regards


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