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Labview Interfacing microcontroller



I have viewed numerous form having discussions on interfacing between LabVIEW and microcontroller and most of the discussion concluded on using UART as a viable option. I have the same question but I don't wanna use UART as the communication medium.

Basically, I wanna control a motor operated wheelchair using LabVIEW software. I can't communication using UART to the wheelchair because I would have to drag my computer with the wheelchair. The data acquisition board provided by Labview like myRIO,compactRIO are pretty expensive and I wanna go cheap.

What would be the cheapest and wireless communication technique between computer and wheelchair? Thanks in advance



Ammar Naseer

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There are a few options to use Arduino and Raspberry Pi microcontrollers with Labview. Look into the LINX toolkit for Arduino, and look into MakerHub toolkit for Raspberry Pi. I think there were a couple of other toolkits for Raspberry Pi but the names escape me at the moment. 

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Thanks for the reply

I thought that through but the same problem lies instead of using UART I would be stuck with USB cable connecting my LabVIEW with Arduino.

If I am thinking straight.

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LabVIEW is software.  An arduino is hardware.  How do they connect using a USB cable?


The suggestion is to use an Arduino and/or a Raspberry PI has your hardware.  Smaller, inexpensive pieces of hardware than a PC.  You might use a PC connected to them via a cable (USB or serial) to program them.  But once that is done, the programs running on them will do what you programmed to do.

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I didn't know that the program created on LabVIEW could be uploaded on an Aurdino. I thought as long as PC (running LabVIEW code) is connected to the cable Aurdino reads Labview software and when the USB cable is disconnected it won't work.

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@naseera wrote:

I didn't know that the program created on LabVIEW could be uploaded on an Aurdino.

It can't.  What Linx did was create canned sketches that can run on an Arduinio which a LabVIEW application can communicate with over a UART connection.


I know some people have managed to get a LabVIEW application to run on a Raspberry Pi, so that might be an option for you.

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Use an Arduino and the UART with Bluetooth modules ;like the HC-05 and HC-06.


Once you setup and pair the Bluetooth modules they install a virtual serial port and become transparent


Communication with the Arduino (using LINX or not) is just like communicating with any other device on serial port. 

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