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Labview FPGA Error - Urgent Please

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A few weeks ago you replied and mentioned "it works".  At that time, did you successfully program the board using LV FPGA?  On this same laptop, can you program it with Xilinx's ISE tools?  Be sure to exit all Xilinx software before using it with LV FPGA because the programming cable could still be reserved by other application software, preventing communication from LV FPGA.
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I think the problem has to do with the fact that I had previously stored some information on my flash memory. Now, I am writing to find out how to erase the flash memory on my spartan 3e.


Any help is appreciated. thanks

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To erase the StrataFlash Memory you can only do it via a program running in you target, but this Flash shoulnd't interfere with the programming. The Platform Flash PROM usually gets rewritten when you load it with a different program so there wouldn't need to be a need to erase it manually, you can format it via Xilinx Tools.


The error you are getting usually comes up when there is a communication error. If you have all the Xilinx tools closed and (just in case) all other LabVIEW projects closed the problem might be with the jumpers on your board. What is your jumper configuration? Try putting all the jumpers on.

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I am running LabVIEW FPGA, Xilinx ISE, Xilinx EDK and System Generator on one laptop and everything works fine...
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