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Labview Driver for TPS 2014

Hey all,

i wanna do frequency measurement can any 1 suggest me which driver should i use. i m using hioki lcr for measurement. kindly help me out with subvi files. i had tried labview 8.5, 2010, 2012 and 2014. in all attempts subvi files were missing.

thank u in advance

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You should use the (LabVIEW) Driver that is appropriate for your instrument.  You might look at the manuals or contact the instrument maker.  What is a "TPS 2014" (a Web search brought up two possibilities, at least)?  What does this have to do with a "hioki lcr"?  You need to remember that this is a LabVIEW Forum, not a "TPS" or "hioki" or "lcr" Forum.


Bob Schor

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