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Labview DCS Module Tag Monitor Shows Server Failure when trying to read values from MOP OPC

I am using a 3rd party OPC server (MOP) for my labview DCS application. I have created an analog tag using the tag configuration editor to read the tag values from the MOP server. The configuration editor sees the MOP server and I am able to select the desired tag from the list provided by MOP when defining the tag. I can connect to the MOP server and see the updating values using Server Explorer. The tag monitor shows a "Server Failure" status and displays 0 for a value. What am I missing?
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Since server explorer works, your DCOM settings should be fine. I still want to know if the server and the client are in the same computer (if not, are they on the same domain). Also, can you get updated tag values using Front Panel Datasocket Connection? <>



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The server and client are on different computers on the same domain. The front panel datasocket connection does not update values and datasocket LED is red.
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Where did you obtain your OPC Server from? As in who is the manufacturer?
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please, can i help for DCS Module how to setup in labview

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