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Labview Crash reporter

I'm using Labview 2018 32-bit and I get a Crash with this exception:


Exception: Access violation (0xC0000005) at EIP=0x0306F554


it happens everytime my software call an Excel specific Vi from report generation Toolkit, I have office 2016 32 bit that seems running fine. No problem with other Vi that belongs to Word or HTML. Is there anyone experiencing the same issue?



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Either you are doing something wrong ("illegal") in your code, or your code is exploiting a "Binary Unusual Gesture" (or B.U.G.) in LabVIEW.  In any case, a useful thing to do is to attach the code that causes this BUGgy behavior and let us try it out.  We might find that you forgot to wire something, or you might have found something more "interesting" ...


Bob Schor

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