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Labview Community Edition Download error

When attempting to download the community edition of Labview I repeatedly get the message the download was not successful I have tried over several days using different ISP's and different computers. Any suggestions?

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When you say the download was not successful, what have you been downloading?

Have you tried downloading the offline installer? Or conversely, have you tried installing the smaller, online installer?

(Just trying to gather information.)




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I believe it is the offline version, but do not know for sure. I have no problem downloading the Runtime edition, but always get the error when attempting to download the community edition from the following web page:


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I just looked on to try to download LabVIEW Community Edition and wound up at the same link as you posted. I clicked the download button, confirmed my login, and downloaded it just fine.


It is definitely an Offline installer (it even says so in the file name) - it doesn't seem like there's an "Online" version of the installer.


I know that when I have had less-than-ideal internet, I would sometimes have large downloads fail. This download is 1.9GB, which is pretty big. (It took 1+ minutes on a hardwired Ethernet connection at my work, which is much better than at my home. Mileage may vary.) Are the internet connections you've tried completely stable/reliable? If you're downloading over Wi-fi, are you close to the router? Have you tried a hardwired connection?


(At this point, I am out of my depth besides recommending you try somewhere with more reliable internet...which it sounds like you've already tried.)


If you still have trouble even after trying more/better internet locations, I would email NI to see if you can arrange for a physical disc. (If they allow it, you would likely have to pay for the cost of the disc, shipping, etc.)


Beyond that, I don't know what to recommend (maybe someone else has an idea - or you can Google for ideas of how improve your connection).


Best of luck...


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