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Labview Community 2020 Edition Activation

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As long as it is for your hobby and your not selling the stuff you make with it, you’re fine.

The rule is pretty simple: If you earn directly or indirectly money from using LabVIEW you can’t use the Community Edition. Also note that NI prefers to avoid the CE abbreviations. It has some bad connections with a product that Microsoft tried to sell long ago before they morphed it into Windows Phone, which is history too. And it’s also a product marking in Europe.


Rolf Kalbermatter
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Thanks a lot! 


I'm happy to have confirmation that I'm respecting the rules, I always pay a lot of attention on that and especially for NI because they made  really a big gift to the hobbyist.


Noted also Community Edition should not be contracted.


Furthermore I'm very grateful for getting supported on this forum, I hope in future I can support other people after gaining more knowledge.

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Thanks HKPhysicist,


Yes I will explore other capabilities for signal analysis.


I know Audacity but in this case I'm looking for Labview as it can interface with my existing hardware and is more flexible.


I will keep posted if I'll succeed.

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