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Labview Array of static elements

Hello everyone. Thanks to some previous help I managed to build a vi that is almost complete. There is one final issue that is causing me problems. I created an array that populates with data obtained externally (RESULTS), now I want to compare it to an array of static non-changing data called NOMINAL. However, every time I run the program, the data is overwritten on NOMINAL, to whatever is being send to RESULTS, and getting a constant green boolen indicator. Could somebody please explain what I did wrong?

Any help is highly appreciated.


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Do a diagram cleanup and it will become very obvious to you what is happening.


1. Your Nominal is actually an indicator, not a control.

2. You wired the output of your FOR loop to the Voltage indicator, your Nominal, and both sides of the Greater Or Equal function.

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Thank you for your help, however, now changing nominal to control and tying the output to the comparator I am getting different errors. I am so sorry to bug you but I am only an electronic tech with little knowledge of programming, just trying to use some logic here. Here is what I am getting.

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Still the problem Crossrulz listed as #2.


You need to fix the broken wire.  You've short circuited your >= function with a wire that is causing both inputs to be getting data from 2 different sources.  Clean up the wire and delete the extra branch.  Or delete the entire wire and rewire it the way it should be.

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Thank you all, it was not evident to me that there was a short. Fixed it and works. 

Thanks a million. Will definitely take a course in Labview to learn more, it's pretty interesting.

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Hello RavensFan, could you explain to me how I can fix the values inside the NOMINAL array. Each time I close and reopen labview, these values are set back to 0 and not the predetermined values I stored. Thank you for your help.

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Never mind, "make current value default" did the trick. Thank you all once again.

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