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Labview Arduino Serial Communication

Hi Everyone,

                    I am trying to get arduino to receive a message from labview and then run a function within arduino from this message. I am using the serial event architecture. Arduino function beginFunction() successfully sends a message to labview, but labview does not seem to send a message back. My arduino code is as follows:


void loop()
void serialEvent()
while (Serial.available())
char inChar = (char);
if (inChar != '\n') {
inputString += inChar;
if (inChar == '\n') {
stringComplete = true;


my labview file is attached.


It does not seem to register the message in arduino, does anyone know why?




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my vi does not send serial messages, can anyone see why? The serial write vi is in the consumer loop



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1. Go look at the advice I already gave you again (  You should especially look at the example I gave you.

2. No need to initialize the same port twice.

3. You need to tell the VISA Read to read MORE bytes than your message.  I like to use 50.

4. Why do you have a 5 second wait in your write loop before sending a response?

5. For where you are sending the message, change your message to be in '\ Codes' mode.  You are not sending the Line Feed (0xA, \n).  You are actually sending a '\' and an 'n'.  When you switch to '\ Codes', then you will see "\\n".  "\\" is the code for a single '\'.

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