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Labview 8 - Tree drop and and Below Target

Hi everyone,
I developed some application with Labview 7.1 and I used the Below Target available as event data in the Drop ? event.
About tree and drop event in Labview 8,  I already read the very interesting discussion here : 
However I have some problems because the Below Target event data is not available now (and also the Drop ? event). To get the destination tag, I use the "Point to Row Column", but in the tree, during the drag, there is also a horizontal line that appear when the target cell is not highlighted. In Labview 7.1, it was releted to the Below Target data and It's very useful because you can determine if the drop is over or below the target or also if you have to add a child to the target. In Labview 8 instead, the only information is the target tag, and this information depending to the exact position of the cursor. For example if you drop when the horizontal line appear, no one cell is higlighted, and the target tag can be the over tag or the below tag depending to the exact cordinates, but the information for the user is the same: a horizontal line below a tag.
Any suggestion about this problem ?
Thanks and regards.
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Posted a related question here Why-Does-Adding-an-Event-Change-Drag-And-Drop-Functionality 


@Garraty wrote:
Any suggestion about this problem ?

It seems the answer is 'NO'.

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