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Labview 8.6 fatal crash when clicking broken run arrow to list errors.

thanks mattvx.


i was able to find the error on my own (eventually), however not having the broken arrow to point at errors can make debug a lengthy process. please post the control. it would be a big help until NI can come up with the fix.

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We have the very same problem with a VI I that I am trying to get under control that three other LabVIEW "programmers" had worked on before.

It is about 3.3 meg in size. The block diagram is 12 screens wide and 5 high.


Migrated it from LV 7.1 to LV 8.5.


Our problem seems to be system ram size. The VI runs on a PXI controller with only 512 meg ram. Click the broken arrow and LabVIEW crashes.

Copy the VI over to a PC with more memory and we have no problem seeking out the errors and fixing them. Copy the VI back to the PXI controller. The VI runs, but if we edit it and get a broken arrow and click on the broken to see the errors, LabVIEW crashes.


Trying to talk the customer into upgrading the ram. 




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my VI is 2 MB.


1.4 GHz, 1.25 GB of RAM. haven't tried it on another computer yet, but i will when i get a chance.

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Hey guys,

Here is the control NI sent. I haven't actually tried yet. According the the app engineer you just place it on the front panel while you're editing and you should be able to load the error list. good luck. 

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Wow, a magic control!


Now that's something I haven't seen before. 😄

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Have anyone tried this "magic control"?


I have the same trouble on a PXI running LabVIEW 8.5.1.

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Hi Everyone,


The magic control was created by R&D Smiley Happy. The work around is place the magic control on the front panel of the VI that crashes when you press its broken run arrow. Please leave the dropped control present for your entire LV editing session and only remove it when you are ready to really use your VI.


Let me know if this workaround does not work for you.




Warm regards,
Karunya R
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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I've added the "magic control" to my current project and the first time I clicked on the broken arrow icon, my errors were listed as normal. However, any time I click it now causes LabView to bomb out in the same way as described earlier (i.e. LabVIEW 8.6 Development System has encountered a problem and needs to close)


Does anyone else have any further information as I'm wasting hours trying to locate the error and I need to get this job out.

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Hi Leesi,


I need a little more information from you.


Did you remove the control during your development? It is important that you do not remove the control until you are completely ready to use the application.


If this is case, can you please send the VI that you are testing on? I would like to test it here to see if I can simulate the issue.




Warm regards,
Karunya R
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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Hi Karunya_R


I can confirm that I still have the control added to my development but am still experiencing the problem. Having said that, my project is reasonably large with quite a few sub-VI's and other dependencies. If I create a very simple VI and cause an error, clicking on the "List Errors" icon works correctly, even without the "Big Cluster" control.


Strangely, I just removed the "Big Cluster" control and now my "List Errors" is working again. I've now found and corrected the error! Weird!


I think I'll have to persevere like this for now as time isn't on my side. I'll add it and remove it as necessary!



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