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Labview 8.5 prompts me when I change a subvi

As for mlam13's question about a solution, I think using SVN software should solve the problem and morover provide a more professional solution for project management than shared network folder 🙂

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From an IT standpoint, this is not a great solution. Most of these systems require shared network drives for reading & writing data other than labivew code.

I'm not that familiar with SVN, it can exchange data to and from the SVN server with the SMB protocol turned off?

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Hi jmccracken112,


I have to admit, that I do not see all the implications from IT standpoint.


On the other hand, if you check for example tortoise svn for subversion (I have linked specifically the repository part), you can setup a remote server, with https access. The upside of this solution is, that you are remotely checking out files for local use, then checking back to the server repository after changes. I do not really see a reason for the situation with SMB to appear. From a software management and development standpoint, this is definitely the way to go compared to a shared network drive.


That being said, we are still trying to figure out, how to solve the problem with SMB protocol (provided there is a solution).

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So the update is, that LV is actually checking the timestamp, to find out about the changes, so the solution will have to be on the side of the server (maybe somehow blocking the SMB2 process from modyfying the file? I do not have experience with Win servers). We can not change this behaviour.

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