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Labview 8.5 prompts me when I change a subvi

Thank you. That clears up a lot. And thanks for the tip on ctrl-doubleclick. That works well, however the standard doubleclick doesn't work as you describe, bringing the front panel up IN FRONT of the block diagram. The std double click brings up ONLY the front panel, and I have to do Window>Show Block diagram every time I bring up a new subvi, or vi.
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Mr Q, you definitely get the tip of the week award!

ctrl-doubleclick for the win!
All your base are belong to us.
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This was one of the tips I mentioned in my first weekly nugget.


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I am also getting this revert error "vi has changed on disk" most of the time when double-clicking on subvis or opening type defs made in Labview 2012. In my case, it was because I was coding on my company's network which I'm guessing changed the timestamp during scans/backups. Try duplicating the project to your computer to get rid of this error.

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Hi RJ12,


I am curious if you were able to backtrack the reason in your network and fix it?


I heard about a similar issue, however never able to reproduce it.

Best regards,
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Hi Ardent,

I am able to reproduce it, but IT could only come up with the reason I gave above and could not fix it. So, I do all my coding locally. Sorry I can't be more help.

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Hi RJ12


and thank you 🙂


I was able to simulate such a situation - e.g. using a Linux touch command on the (Linux) fileserver, however I was not able to replicate it within our network's settings (presumably because there is nothing that would directly influence the attributes of the files).


Still thank you for your reply, every datapoint is good! 🙂

Best regards,
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So, is there no solution or reasoning why this is occuring? The same window is popping up on me when I attempt to open a subVI from my caller VI. I made a local copy like RJ12 suggested, and that works fine as a workaround, but I'll need to put this back onto my company's network.  The window popped up on me right after I made the changes, saved, and attempted to open it back up again immediately.  I also attempted to save all the caller VI's until I reached the main VI, but this issue still appeared. 

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Here is a little more info from IT:  if the network file (.vi) was infected(or was thought to be infected) and our virus scanner picked it up it alters it (timestamp change) as it tries to correct the issue. We are using Kaspersky for our network scanning antivirus. I have had various issues with Kaspersky and Labview when programming locally as well. There are some mentioned in the forums, but nothing else to do with this error.

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Hello everyone,


we have another possible reason - our customer tracked the issue to SMB2 protocol's 10s cash.


Turning off the protocol on client side (see here) fixes the problem. We'll be working on finding a solution to work with SMB2 protocol turned on - I will post here about the progress.

Best regards,
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