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Labview 5.1 vs. 5.0 and dll calls


I have Analogic cPCI-14-2 DAQ cards in the PXI box. Their driver is a dll
for which I wrote LabView interface using LV5.01 . Everything was nice
until I switched to 5.1, now it is impossible to run the program for more
than 5min without a memory access violation error and subsequent LV crash.
I compiled executable from the DAQ module under 5.01 and 5.1. Executable
made under 5.1 would not even execute once, resulting in the crash. Then I
saved VI's using save as LV5.0 option, compiled executable under LV5.01 and
that runs without problems. I ended up using ActiveX server capabilities of
the executable by calling it from my main program written using LV5.1
because I needed to call Matlab. ActiveX server is actu
ally nice because of
DCOM in NT boxes, I can now run everything from my office super-duper
machine instead of using a PXI box's Pentium233.
Question is, has anyone else had problems with dll calls and how were they
solved ?
I will appreciate your suggestions.


Reinis Kanders
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