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Labview 2017 64bit Device Driver Install with ECM Suite

Am I missing something here? It used to be simple. Install developer's suite, download related 64bit version of LV and install. During that installation, it would prompt for the device drivers DVD. I'd load that and everything would be happy. Now, I installed my new embedded control and monitoring suite. Everything comes on one thumb drive and one installer, which is nice. I picked to install LV 2017 64bit from the update service, however it never prompts for any device drivers. Since it's all one installer, I can't figure out how to run device driver install separate. I could download it, but that seems like a needless waste of an 11GB download.


What am I missing here?



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Hi thutch79,


In the documents you should see Autorun or Setup option, this should take you to the installation wizard listing all the software available. If you don't have any of these options, could you upload a screenshot of the files inside the USB, please?




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It does, but it doesn't install LV 64bit automatically. Therefore, I need to install it separately, and then install device drivers again.


Since no one responded to this for a while, I just bit the bullet and downloaded the device drivers. It's just annoying.

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I understand. Next time, I think you should be able to install LabVIEW 64 bits first and then run the USB installation and select the drivers and modules you want to install.




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