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Labview 2016 - time error

Hi all, i'm new user of labview, and i'm having a problem.

I opened an example project: "NI-USRP Simple Streaming with USRP-2945/2955", and tried to run the FPGA vi.

When the compilation completed an error occurred:

fpga error.PNG


I've found some questions about this exact problem and tried the following things:

-Compile with NI cloud server

-Different directory

-Build and download to FPGA separately

-Change the name of the vi


I own USRP-2955, PCIe-8371,

Windows 7, 64 bit, SP 1

Labview 2016, 32 bit



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IIRC, the USP needs a 100MB network adapter. Older laptops might have 10MB. 10 MB could be enough for the bandwidth, but the USRP simply won't connect. A 100MB hub between PC and USP will make it work if that's the problem. Or adding a 100 MB network adapter of course.


This was a while ago. The modern USRP's might even need a 1GB network adapter...

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Thanks for the answer.

The USRP connected to the computer threw PCIe-8371:


I don't think this is the problem..

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Yep, tried all of them.

Maybe there's a chance that some of the SCTLs' clocks in the fpga vi are not correct?

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Drawing blanks... Firewall is off?

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It's off

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