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Labview 2016 bad performance on Windows 10

@altenbach wrote:

@Rokot wrote:

The drivers were old (2015), but the current drivers (2019) did not improve the condition.

Didn't you say you did a clean install of windows 10? How can the drivers be old? (Did you insert an old driver CD/DVD that came with the system originally? Usually a bad idea...)

Is there anything unusual in the device manager? (hardware with question marks, etc.). How about the mouse driver? USB drivers?

Is the computer BIOS possibly old. Maybe there is an update that makes it more compatible with windows 10?

Are you using software disk encryption?

Did you check the HDs for errors?

Vendor specific drivers are seldom included in a clean installation, so i'm not that surprised. Though, it's always a good idea to double check yourself.


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