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Labview 2016 Freeze


I have labview 2016b connect to two GPIB devices, an Ethernet instrument, and two serial port devices. These are all done through USB ports and a USB Hub. Also the PC has no Ethernet port and has a USB to Ethernet connection. These devices are read and the data collected is put into an array. The time period between reads is 5 seconds. My program may run several hours but eventually it will freeze. The last time I checked it it was stalled on a vi that was trying to read a GPIB device. There's no loop in this vi. It should pass right through. I had to stop Labview and restart the PC. Could it be that I'm swamping my program with all these devices.

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I have labview 2016, but your version is later than mine apparently.


Question for you, do you use any serial converters? Also i read you have a USB hub.  This hubs and converters can be conterfiet and they have random issues with labview.  I had an application using prolific converters, it would work great for a few hours then crash and other times it would work for 5 minutes and then crash.  I dont know the exact issue, probably some driver problem, but i know there can be issues.  I switched to an FTDI converter bought directly from FTDI and it worked perfect after that.


Hope that helps.

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I'm with Matt here, it's probably a USB hub problem if it's freezing up on a GPIB loop.  Not totally ruling out low-grade USB to RS232 connectors here, but it leans towards the hub as I've used quite a lot of NI GPIB-USB adapters and never had a problem that I could trace back to one of them.


If you can, try to invest in a higher-quality hub.  Make sure it's well-powered (check the power brick that comes with it as well as its stated power output capabiity per port).  Also, it may seem counterintuitive but you probably want a 4-port hub.  You'll notice that hubs usually have 4, 7, 10, or 16 ports on them, and that's because the base chip is a 1-in, 4-out chip, and if you see a 7 port hub it's really a 4-port hub and another 4-port hub inside one box, and one of the plugs on the first hub is internally connected to the second hub.

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And buy it from a LEGITMATE vendor!  Do NOT buy it off amazon!! haha.

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Thanks  Matt and Kyle. Your help is greatly appreciated. I do have a questionable USB to Serial Converter, probably profilithic. I'll buy the FTDI converter. Also I have a 4 USB Hub. It gets its power from the Laptop USB port. No power supply. I'm using 3 of the Hub ports. I should see if I can buy a better quality one. The cost is not important at this time. Having test run for a few days is the important thing.

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and also...


There are power/hibernation setting on PC that want to shut down USB ports if the pC thinks it is idle.



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I'll look into that as well. It may be a problem as our tests last several days.

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