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Labview 2015 Installation > Runtime ERROR


Hi All,


I'm trying my hardest to get 2015 installed onto a machine, but getting the same issue across 3 separate PC's now so there must be something fundamental I'm missing.


I get all the way to the point of gathering the files from the web based installer before it falls over stating that application has requested runtime to terminate in an unusual way (See attached)


Anyone familiar with what I'm experiencing?

Our Labview Guru is on vacation and has resulted in me losing a bit of hair, and gradually marbles, this week.


Thanks In Advance



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Forgot to mention...


I’ve raked around various forums and NI help pages and tried a few run time installations but nothing seems to get it off the ground.

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Hi Chris:


     I've seen this issue a couple of times. Usually, you can solve it by going to Start » Run and typing Regsvr32 (system folder path)\msi.dll, where "system folder path" is the folder where the msi.dll file resides on your computer. 


You can then reboot the computer and start over the installation.


Hope this helps. 


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