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Labview 2013 will send data out of COM port

Labview 2013 SP1

TCP Service Inactive

Version 13.0.1f2  ( 32 bit )


Running on a

DELL Precision 670

Windows 7

Active HARTs ( Borst Automation )

MacTeck Viator HART Modem


Description of Problem

Sending a file to the HART Modem, no data is coming out of the COM port


I need this problem solved.  I prefer onsite service ( Warminster PA ).



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I guess your subject line should be LabVIEW 2013 will NOT send data out of COM port.


The forums are visited by other users like you who volunteer time to help others with their LabVIEW problems and questions.  I don't think you are going to get anyone to give you onsite service.


Are you getting any error messages when you try to write the data to that com port?

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I think he thought this is forum is part of official support.  He might not be the type to want to troubleshoot.



Since this isn't the place to place a service call, you have to give us some information before we can help you out.  Posting the VI that contains the communications code would help a lot.  You can gut it if you have proprietary stuff - just leave the communications stuff intact.


You are sure there's nothing coming out of the serial port?  Maybe you are addressing the wrong COM port?  I know I've insisted I was addressing the correct COM port only to find, to my chagrin, that I wasn't.





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If you want to get onsite assistance, call NI or open a Service Request here.

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