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I want to communicate with a Lecroy 8901 through a Labveiw(5.1)-GPIB system.I want to 'stear' some different modules in my crate,for example a Borer step motor driver 1161 (old one...). I'v got the 8901 driver for Labveiw. The problem is that I don't know how to write the syntax(?) to be able to communicate with the crate controller. How do I write the different commands (F,A,N,Data etc) to the controller?
I've tried to write/read through the Labveiw<->
that I found in Labveiw-Help-Search Examples-GPIB,but I did't figure it out.
This is most probebly a very easy and, maybe, stupid question but I'm VERY new at this and any answer would be greatfull.
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Hello Peppe,

There are several resources that may be very useful to you. Go to the following website

Go to Product Manuals>>Current Manual Revisions>>Instrument Connectivity>>GPIB and look for the following manuals:

NI 488.2 Function Reference Manual
NI 488.2M Software Reference Manual
NI 488.2 User Manual

The Function Reference Manual will help you with the functions and syntax, while the Software Refernce Manual will help you determine which functions to use.

I hope this helps.

Kim L.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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