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May I know if MathSript needed Matlab runtime license to run?

What are the other things needed for me to use MathScript in LabVIEW?



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Mathscript is completely independent of Matlab. All you need is LabVIEW and the mathscript module. Do you have it?


If you need more details, I would recommend to post in the Mathscript forum.

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Thanks altenbach! How about the Matlab toolbox just like signal processing? Do these codes still run in MathScript of LabvIEW?

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Matlab code runs in the Matlab script node (examples ship with LabVIEW). As noted, Matlab and MathScript are completely independent. Mathscript syntax is similar to Matlab, but it's not 100% equivalent. While some Matlab code will run in a MathScript node, it all depends on what the code is. Using the Matlab script node requires that Matlab be installed on the machine. This is true for the development environment as well as the Run-Time environment.

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