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LabView program for Lock-in-amp

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I have to read the voltage from a Lock-In-Amp and on the other hand read the magnetic field from a gaussmeter, simultaneously. After that I should  plot a graph of voltage  respect to the field. Please give me some advice to write a proper program with LabView to do the explained aim.


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How are you planning to read the signals?  Do the Lock-In-Amp and gaussmeter have serial port connections that you can read?  Do you need sensors so that you can use a DAQ to read the signals?

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Thank you for your reply,

Actually Lock-In-Amp and gaussmeter are connected to computer by USB port.

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The actual program to read from the equipment is completely dependent on the hardware you have.  What commands do you have to send?  In what format is the data returned? Your next step is to 1) check with the manufacturer to see if LabVIEW drivers are available or 2) determine how to communicate properly with the hardware.


after you are able to read a value from each device, the next step is to place these in a loop and wire to a graph.  (loops are graphs are fundamental and there are plenty of built-in examples).


Now another question; you said you are graphing voltage versus magnetic field so how is the field controlled?  Do you also need to add control of the magnetic field?

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Start from two separate programs: one to read from Lock-In , second to read from gaussmeter.

Check in manuals for both how can you synchronize readings.

If both will work correct separately try to run them in parallel at single diagram.

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