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LabView interface for vibration analysis on simulated signal


I'm a student who just started working with LabView, I have assigment to make vibration analysis for simulated signal. So far with the help of the Soun and Vibration Toolkit I've made the simple frequency and time domain analysis but I have all this result graphs on the front panel that it presents problem for me, I have idea to make graphical interface but I'll need your help. I have all the explanations in the attached Word document, and in addition I attached my VI so if you have any sugestions please  write me. I'll also need help for anyone to show me how to make transient and octave analysis for the simulated signal in my VI and how to make waterfall displays. I have a lot of questions , I know, but I'm really trying to learn.

I'm using LabView 2010 and Sound and Vibration Toolkit evaluation mode.

Thank you in advance


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Thank you for posting on the forums, I received your email and I think we should troubleshoot this through email.  I have sent an email to you already.




Brian P.

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi Radmila and Brian,


Sorry for responding on an old post. I wanted to ask if there was a solution developed for this as I am also working on a similar problem.



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