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LabView can’t connect to lan OPC-server

Hello, everyone!

I have a problem. I try to add in my project OPC tag from OPC-server. Using datasocket. OPC-server located on Server PC (windows server 2012 R2), interface DA. Vabview located on laptop with windows 10. LabView 2018 x32. 

I added window with value, press properties, the tab dataBlinding, there datasocket, browse and there are I finding my server. Network-workgroup-name server PC-name opc server, there I see all my tags, choosing random, for example first one, and OK. And and run execute project. Near the window with value, I see red square. I put cursor on it, and see error massage: Can’t connect to OPC-server. Registry access denied. 

I cant solve this problem almost one week. 

Firewall shut down on both PC. DCON tuned like in manuals from internet.

Please help me!

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