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LabView Runtime Engine 5.0/5.1 for WinXP

I am trying to evaluate a product that requires LabView Runtime Engine 5.0/5.1.  I couldn't find a Runtime Engine 5.0/5.1 for WinXP on the NI website.  Does one exist?
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To my knowledge, 5.1 was never offically suppported  2000/XP.  I have installed the 5.1 Windows 98 runtime on an XP machine and sucessfully ran my compiled vi's.

Just try installing a 98 RT, it just might work.

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No. WinXP came out long after 5.1 and NI never tested the two. You can install it and see what happens is about the only advice I can give.

I don't see any 5.0 run-time available. That may have been the last version of exe that had an embedded run-time.

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I did try to install the Runtime Engine 5.0/5.1 on an XP machine, but it just hangs up during installation.  I guess I will try to find a Win98 machine.  Thanks for all replies.
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Is this the RT that you installed (looks like it did support 2000 🙂 )?

Dennis, yes, LV 5.1 does have the option to compile a standalone app with the embedded RT.

I actually still have a NT machine running LV5.1 (I need it for legacy stuff sometimes), I have a copy of the original 5.1 run-time (not 5.1.1) installer, its about 2.5 MB.  I don't think I can attach it to a post here, but if you want to try it, I'll email it to you.

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